Pool Covers are easy to use and they protect the pool whilst naturally helping raise the water temperature. Made of high-quality material; our pool covers are essential to pool owners as they prevent debris from getting into the water, minimize evaporation, save on pool chemicals & cleaning, save on heat loss, and can also help with security when the pool isn't in use.
Pool Rollers are essential for the proper & convenient use of a Pool Cover. It roughly takes 30 seconds to roll the cover off or back onto the pool water using a Pool Roller!

We are authorized dealers in Pool Covers and Rollers from Daisy, Abgal and Sunline!  

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My Online Pool Shop is an authorized dealer for ‘Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers’, the most prominent & trusted brand in Australia when it comes to manufacturing pool covers & rollers.

Benefits of Using a Pool Cover

• Save Water
Are you aware that a 50sq meter pool can lose up to 100,000L of water per year through evaporation alone? A Daisy pool cover can reduce this evaporation by 95% guaranteed!

• Save Time on Maintenance
Pool covers and solar blankets keep your pool clean by preventing dirt, bugs, leaves, and other debris from falling into your pool water thus allowing you to spend less time cleaning & maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it!

• Save on Pool Chemicals
As mentioned above, the pool Cover prevents evaporation and also blocks UV rays which in turn prevents your pool chemicals from being wasted! Using a pool Cover properly will help you save up to 50% on pool Chemical & maintenance costs!

• Get Free Heating
A solar blanket helps you retain up to 8 degrees celsius of heat in your pool! Double that with the use of an energy-efficient heat pump like the ‘Madimack or Supreme Heating’ heat pumps available with us and you’ll cut your pool heating bill by an extra few dollars a month!

• Safety First
Protect your children and pets from any accidental occurrences with the protection that Pool Covers offer!

Benefits of a Pool Roller

You can enjoy the benefits of a pool cover or solar blanket without having a pool roller but why tire yourself when there are convenient options in the form of Pool Rollers.
Here are some of the benefits of why having a pool roller is a good idea:
• Worthy investment for your Covers
By having a pool roller doing its job, you are protecting the pool cover since it is rolled safely up your pool cover when not in use. This prevents creases from forming which can become tears in the long run.

• Quick installation and removal
With a pool roller, covering and uncovering your pool can be done in under 30 seconds flat! Without one, it can take around 15 minutes to safely cover and uncover your pool. Time matters!

• Convenience
Don’t forget the manual effort required to roll and unroll a large pool cover! With time, most people neglect to use their pool covers because they no longer have the energy to unroll a pool cover after a long day of swimming. Our Pool Rollers are available for all pool types (in-ground & above ground)

All these & many more reasons to own a splendid Pool Roller to give that final touch to your swimming pool backyard!

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