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DAISY ELECTRIC POWER SERIES ROLLER (Squat SQ Profile without Solar Panel)

DAISY ELECTRIC POWER SERIES ROLLER (Squat SQ Profile without Solar Panel)

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Ultra-convenient electric pool rollers (no solar panel)

The Daisy Power Series is a part of our electric pool cover roller range that offer the convenience of an electric roller without taking up too much space beside your pool.
  • An easy-to-use electric option that helps you recover your pool cover with just the touch of a button.

  • Standard power rollers are available with a battery operated electric pool cover roller and an AC charger, two remotes and mounted control buttons on the end frame. (no solar panel)

  • Colors Available = White

Daisy electric pool rollers will save you time and money! Our range of electric pool rollers will significantly reduce the time you spend on maintaining your pool and can help to prevent damage to your pool cover by rolling and unrolling it evenly every time.

Daisy is renowned in the industry as the market leader in pool covers & rollers and provides 5 star quality products to any pool cover application. Utilising the award winning Ultradome technology Daisy Pool Covers, Blankets and Rollers are a brand and product you can blindly trust.

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