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Sand Filters

Sand filters are a very popular and economical choice. They are extremely effective in getting rid of even tiny, particulate matter. Sand Filters are low-maintenance and tend to have longer lifetimes. Sand Filters can also be flushed back.

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Sand filters are the least expensive pool filter option, and they are also very low maintenance. Sand filters tend to trap particles within the 20-100 micron range. They work by passing water through a sand bed within the filter tank that traps the fine particles in the water.

Backwashing - The sand filter also requires ‘backwashing.’ If you notice the pressure gauge is between 8-10 lb above the clean reading, then you need to backwash to remove all debris from the filter.

Cleaning the Sand Bed - Use sand filter cleaner to clean and disinfect your sand bed.

Replacing the Sand Bed - A well-maintained sand filter will last for many years. The sand itself can
last up to 7 years before it needs to be replaced. To remove the old sand, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to disconnect the hoses and empty the sand. You cannot add just any new sand to this filter, you need to use pool filter sand (#20 silica sand 45-55mm). After you pour the new sand in, be sure that it is centered properly so that no excess sand escapes into the pool water.

Run the Filter - Run your filter for 8-12 hours per day or for 1 hour per ten degrees of outside air temperature. Now that you understand the basics of what to consider when purchasing a pool filter, you can choose the one that will fit your pool and your lifestyle. The right filter will keep your water sparkling clean and reduce your time spent on pool maintenance.

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