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 Cleverly concealed below ground pool rollers (Suitable if your pool is 9m or less in length and 4m or less in width)

One of the most popular products in Daisy’s range, Below Ground Pool Cover Boxes (small) are perfect for those wanting to hide their pool cover and roller from view for a clutter-free pool area, or only have limited space by their swimming pool.

  •  Heavy duty braces are fitted to reinforce the structural integrity of the box.

  • These boxes will not only save you money by protecting your pool cover and giving it longevity, but they also enhance the look of your pool area, adding value to your home.

  • Anodised Aluminium Color

  • These are a full aluminium constructed box with anodized aluminum lids

The latest design in Daisy’s Below Ground Roller range, the Below Ground Box SM is perfect for small or narrow pools less than 9m long. These rollers are smooth and easy to operate, give you a stylish and clutter free pool area to enjoy!

Please note, that maximum length for your pool cover is measured with Daisy Ultradome material only. Other pool covers have different bubble profiles and will not fit correctly within our Below Ground Box range when rolled up.

**If your pool is longer than 9m or wider than 4m, please go to our larger Below Ground Box range**

Our below ground pool rollers can be concealed underground for a seamless, tidy look around your pool area while also protecting your pool cover for maximum longevity.

With a number of stylish, slimline designs to choose from, our range of below ground pool rollers are suitable for any modern pool area and will add value to your home.

Daisy is known in the industry as the market leader in pool blankets and provides 5 star quality products to any pool cover application. Utilising the award winning Ultradome technology Daisy Pool Covers, Blankets and Rollers are a brand and product you can simply trust!

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