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Say goodbye to heavy pool maintenance routines contaminated with chemicals, irritated skin, and that despised chlorine smell, and say hello to a Salt Water Chlorinator from My Online Pool Shop.

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Salt-Water Chlorinators in a nutshell

Salt-Water Chlorinators are a safe, easy and effective way to ensure that your pool water is sparkling and inviting all season long.. With a Salt-Water Chlorinator, you can say goodbye to that strong chlorine smell, red eyes and itchy skin. When using salt to generate chlorine, you get all the sanitation benefits of adding straight chlorine to your pool without the harmful chemical effects. It’s the perfect win-win for those who want a clean, safe pool and also want to avoid unnecessary chemicals, too

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Why A Salt Water Chlorinator?

Salt Water Chlorinator is easily one of the most popular pool maintenance systems available today. Salt chlorination systems convert an undetectable level of salt in your pool water into chlorine. Salt Water Chlorinators eliminate the need for pool owners to store and handle chlorine, as well as reduce the chance of skin irritation associated with high chlorine levels. You can either limit the amount of Pool Chemicals you need to store or simply prefer an easier way to keep your pool water clean; salt chlorine generators are an easy way to accomplish both

How Salt Water Chlorinators Work?

Saltwater chlorinator systems use a low concentration of salt dissolved in the pool water (below the level of taste) to produce up to 1.45 lbs of chlorine daily. Salt Water Chlorinator systems are mainly made up of two components: the salt cell and power center. Chlorine is generated through the process of electrolysis.

Electrolysis can be defined as a process in which electric current passes through a substance and then causes a chemical change. The chlorine generator cell is plumbed in-line with the pool’s return to process this. Salt is then added directly to the pool water thus the pool water containing salt passes through the chlorine generator cell where an electrical charge, generated by the power center, is applied to the electrolytic cell plates creating a current flow. This causes a chemical reaction that converts molecules of salt (sodium chloride) into hypochlorous acid, a mixture of hydrogen and chlorine gas, which dissolves into the water & Voila! Water with pure chlorine is then returned to your pool…

Benefits of Salt Water Chlorinators

There are many reasons why salt-water pools (one that uses a salt chlorination system) are the ideal option for pool owners. For example, many swimmers prefer the softer, silky feel of saltwater over the often irritating effects of free chlorine, such as red eyes, discolored hair & itchy skin.

A Salt Water Chlorinator can also produce chlorine constantly when the pump is running, which results in a residual of chlorine in the pool that prevents algae from growing. Salt- water pools basically reduce the quantity and frequency of pool chemical purchases (which can be a lot when it comes to maintenance of your pool), thus making them less expensive to maintain in the long run.

How Long Do Salt Water Cells Last?

Taken care properly, your salt water cell should survive for several years, with life expectancy varying by system. There are a few basics you can follow to help your salt water cell last as long as possible, like ensuring the pool chemicals are properly balanced, the stabilizer is not running too low, regularly inspecting your salt water cell and the salt levels, and checking the water flow level.

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