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We provide various options for pool heaters and pool heat pumps from the leading pool supply manufacturers in Australia like Madimack, Astralpool, Zodiac, etc.

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Are you ready to take a dip in some warm & inviting pool water?
Unfortunately, you can’t do that because the water is often too cold and you don’t want to feel like you're doing the Polar Plunge! Brrrr…

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our huge collection of Pool Heaters which will ensure you a perfect swim in your pool all-year-round. Here you can shop the best Pool Heaters from industry leading brands lke Madimack, Astralpool, Zodiac & more with a variety of models and specifications to fit your needs

Don’t forget the necessary Pool Heat Pumps which go along well with the Gas Pool Heaters.

‘My Online Pool Shop’ is your one-stop-shop for all the right Heat Pumps & Pool Heaters you need to keep your swimming pool operating at its best for years to come.

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Our Pool Heaters are available in the following categories —

Gas/Electric Heaters & Heat Pumps for above ground or in-ground pools.

Pool Heaters vs Pool Heat Pumps (What is the difference?)

Well, there are quite a lot of differences between both. Pool Heaters mainly use gas (natural or propane) or electricity to heat the water before returning it back into the pool. Pool Heat Pumps, on the other hand, use ambient air surrounding the unit to heat your pool water efficiently.

There are overall benefits to both heaters and heat pumps, and the correct choice for your pool depends upon your preferences. Electric and gas pool heaters heat your pool water quickly, while being an affordable upfront cost. They are also easy to install.

But, when compared to heat pumps, pool heaters typically produce higher utility costs thus Heat pumps are becoming a popular option for pool owners thanks to their energy efficiency which translates into long-term cost savings for the pool owner. While they are also easy to install, Pool Heat Pumps work best for mild climates and are seen as ineffective in climates below 10° C. However, you can expect to pay more for a Heat Pump than a Pool Heater.

Gas Heaters vs. Electric Pool & Spa Heaters

Considering their low operational costs, easy installation and quick water warming capabilities, Gas Heaters are the more popular choice for pool owners. You’ll find that our collection of Zodiac Gas Pool Heaters offer great pool heating options.

Electric pool heaters are more commonly used for above ground pools and spas, or for owners who do not have a gas line or propane available. For the best electric pool heaters in the industry be sure to check out our selections.

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