Pool Chlorinators exist to make your pool maintenance life easier thus enabling you to keep your pool water sparkly and fresh without having to deal with liquid chlorine on a constant basis or the arduous task of manually testing and adding chlorine to your water.

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A chlorinator gradually dispenses chlorine or bromine, both sanitizers, into the pool thus keeping your backyard oasis chlorinated and sanitized without the need for constant upkeep. While they cost a tad bit more than manually adding chlorine to your pool, Pool Chlorinators will never ever make you regret the decision you made in purchasing them! (Read on to find out the reasons)


Like every other pool equipment, there are many types of chlorinators that come to the aid of the pool owners meeting different needs. The following are the 3 kinds of chlorinators that are frequently used:

1) Dispensers: Also known as Floating Chlorinators, they are a small plastic vessel that has around 3 pounds of chlorine tablets. You literally throw the floating piece into the pool and change it every so often. However they are easy to use & relatively cheap. The downside to a floating Dispenser is that you cannot control how much chlorine dispenses from it & if they get stuck at a corner somewhere in your pool, you’ll end up with one area of your pool being heavily chlorinated than the others.

2) Automatic Pool Chlorinators:

These automatic devices are attached after the filter and come in handy as they feed chlorine to the filtered water before it is jetted out into the pool. Due to the fact that these automatic pool chlorinators add the required chlorine when the water is on the way back to the pool, you’re ideally reducing chlorine corrosion of your filter system & pump.

While this is all very convenient, you have to be extra cautious when refilling the chlorinator with chlorine because the chamber where the chlorine is stored is sealed and when you open it for refilling, you might get a face full of chlorine gas, which is hazardous for health & can cause due irritation if you’re sensitive to it. Please check the O-rings for your automatic pool chlorinators every time you refill it as these are prone to quick degradation.

While we are not selling automatic pool chlorinators in our online store at the moment, we do have some great automatic dosing machines like the Astral Rola Chem Chlorine Acid Dosing RC Series that not only dispenses chlorine, but also all the other chemicals needed to keep your pool water in top condition. Check out our DOSING MACHINES section now!

3) Salt-Water Chlorinators: Unlike the other two kinds of chlorinators, a salt chlorinator creates its own chlorine and this is highly recommended. A salt cell and power supply work with a low voltage current. As water flows through the cell, the voltage splits the salt and water into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a replacement for pre-packaged chlorine. What is really great about salt chlorinators is that the salt remains in the water, so you dont have to worry a lot about dilution. You can simply super shock a pool with a salt chlorinator!


Pools exist for fun & entertainment while proving to be a great summer hangout spot, so the less maintenance, the better. With a chlorinator, you do not have to worry about manually chlorinating your pool. If your pool is not well balanced, it could lead to stains and algae growing in your well-preserved pool, becoming more challenging to clean and maintain throughout.


Keeping up on your pool’s chlorine is a great way to get the most out of your luxury pool and preserve longevity. Chlorine upkeep can also reduce reparative costs that could arise due to low maintenance. Are you looking for THE IDEAL Chlorinator to fulfill your requirements?

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Pool Chlorinators are there to make your hectic pool maintenance life easier. They have their ups and downs (the down will usually be the price involved) but for real convenience and safety, we recommend our top quality Chlorinators (salt water chlorinators & dosing machines too) from top brands such as Astralpool & Zodiac to keep your pool water fresh & sparkly without having to regularly deal with dangerous liquid chlorine or the inconvenience of manually testing and adding chlorine to your water. Welcome your Chlorinator with both arms outstretched!

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