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Make your summer last longer & sweeter with our Gas Pool Heater! ‘My Online Pool Shop’ carries a variety of Pool Heaters, including brands such as Madimack, Davey, Astralpool, Zodiac etc

If you’re looking for other heating options, check out our Pool Heat Pumps. We also have propane and natural gas pool heaters, as well as solar pool heaters.
We simply want to help you find the right pool heater that’s perfect for your pool.

Contact the pool pros today and find out which Pool Heater will serve your needs & allow you to enjoy your warm pool!

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Gas Pool Heaters

If you want to start your summer vacation early, try our selection of top quality tried & tested Gas Pool Heaters. Our Gas Pool Heaters are a favorite option for heating your pool as they can heat the pool very quickly. They utilize propane or natural gas to heat the water returning to your pool. These heaters also have a lower upfront cost compared to other pool heating options and serves the purpose well.

The important benefit of Gas Pool Heaters is that they heat your pool and spa in minutes or hours versus the hours or days required initially to warm the pool with a heat pump. Gas heaters are the ideal go-to option if you don't use your pool or spa on a daily basis, and just want to heat your pool or spa as needed for a quick dip.

Gas Pool Heaters simply stand out & perform well in any climate. They'll heat the pool and spa on the coldest of days and keep you engulfed in the warmth they provide.

How do Gas Pool Heaters work?

Gas Heaters draw heat from a flame which makes them very effective for heating pools and spas quickly. These heaters can run on natural gas or LPG tanks and are an ideal choice for anyone who uses their pool or spa spontaneously or occasionally, such as on family weekends, when friends come to visit or even a poolside barbecue night!

When it comes to QUICK pool heating, nothing beats the speed that you can get from our Gas Heaters! Compared to energy efficient pool heat pumps, gas heaters from Madimack, Astralpool & Zodiac can heat up your pool or spa in a matter of a short duration.

Great idea! Try the Gas Heater and Heat Pump combination

Many Australian pool owners today are seeing the benefits of having both; a Gas Heater and an energy- efficient Heat Pump!

This combination of speed and efficiency serves them well.

The Gas Heater is used to heat up the pool to the desired temperature while switching to the energy-
efficient Heat Pump to maintain the temperature throughout.

The option is also available to choose whether to heat up the pool fast with the gas heater or gradually
raise the temperature with a heat pump.

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