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Pressure pool cleaners have been the go-to-cleaners for the longest time when it comes to automatic pool cleaners. They're robust, rugged, and can handle anything you throw at them. They are perfect for pools in leafy areas with heavy debris.

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When the pressure is on, the dirt is gone! Pressure pool cleaners automatically clean the water
by integrating with your main swimming pool pump or, if needed, an additional booster pump.
These automatic pool cleaners simply attach to your pool return system, where pressure from
the pump works to power and propel them through the water.
Similar to the suction pool cleaner, pressure cleaners also help to distribute filtered water, but
the advantage being that they deposit detritus into a mesh bag (and not directly into the pool
filter or pump basket). If you want a pool cleaner that can handle all the branches, leaves, and debris that mother nature can throw at it (whilst not investing in a Robotic Cleaner), then these
Pressure Pool Cleaners are the ideal options for you.

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