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Pool chemicals are a mandatory step to a sanitized, clean, and well-maintained pool. Without the right Chemicals, you’re likely to face problems such as bacteria & slimy mold, clogged filters, and green water, all of which can lead to an unpleasant-looking pool which would be unhealthy too & an unsafe swimming spot for your family and friends.

Indeed there are a lot of factors involved in getting the water in swimming pools into the clean, crystal clear, and natural-looking condition that we are so familiar with. Among the real heroes behind the scenes are the Pool Chemicals, of which there are quite a few. These include Pool Algaecides, Pool Balancers, Pool Sanitizers, Clarifiers, Flocculants, Pool Shocks, and specialty chemicals.

We will now briefly examine a few of these:

Pool Algaecides are specially formulated pool chemicals, which kill and prevent the growth and spread of algae. Algae (usually unnoticeable at first) can create problems once the issue goes out of hand and eliminating it can prove costly and time consuming. Discoloring your pool water, sticking to pool surfaces, and blocking your filters, are just some of the ways that Algae can cause inconvenience.

Among the pool chemicals arsenal are the all-important chemical Balancers. They basically provide a balance between a number of different factors in the pool. The swimming pool water’s alkalinity, pH, hardness, stabilizer and chlorine levels are all impacted by it. One may simply shrug off the fact that balancing swimming pool water may not seem such a big deal but in reality, it is! Because it can cause irritation of the eyes and skin, cause the water in the swimming pool to get cloudy thus resulting in other pool chemicals functioning improperly too. One big mess if so!

Another vital pool chemical to properly maintain swimming pools is pool Sanitizers. Somewhat similar in function to algaecides, pool sanitizers attack and eliminate undesirable micro organisms such as bacteria. There are quite a few pool sanitizers available with us, among them ions, salt, and mineral, but the two most commonly used are chlorine and bromine sanitizers.

Pool shocks are pool chemicals that have the effect of sending a strong jolt through the pool by “shocking” the water. In reality, the water in the pool is super oxidized or super chlorinated with high levels of sanitizer. This kills anything organic in the water that the sanitizers and algaecides (which were initially used) may have missed.

We also have a set of special chemicals that are designed to do subtle cleaning work like cleaning cartridges, removing stains, removing oils, and removing trace metals from the water. While some of these chemicals are used only when needed, as in the case of Pool Stain Removers, others have been adopted as part of regular swimming pool water maintenance.

So the facts are as clear as water!

Pool chemicals indeed have an integral impact in ensuring that your swimming pool is indeed a pleasure to swim in…

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