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Daisy Pool Covers are Australian-made and designed to withstand tough Australian conditions. There is no substitute for quality, especially when it comes to your pool.  Daisy has developed and trademarked their UltraDome technology too so that the unique Daisy UltraDome™ bubble profile creates a stronger pool blanket - that will last longer.

A Daisy Pool cover can increase the months you can swim each year in a warmer pool, reduce cleaning time and chemical costs and almost eliminate evaporation - saving a vast amount of water.

When you buy from our website (My Online Pool Shop), you have complete peace of mind that you are buying from the authorized dealers in Daisy Pool Covers – Australia’s largest supplier of swimming pool covers! Buy Now!

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My Online Pool Shop is an authorized dealer for ‘Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers’, the most prominent & trusted brand in Australia when it comes to manufacturing pool covers & rollers.

Benefits of Using a Pool Cover

• Save Water
Are you aware that a 50sq meter pool can lose up to 100,000L of water per year through evaporation alone?
A Daisy pool cover can reduce this evaporation by 95% guaranteed!

• Save Time on Maintenance
Pool covers and solar blankets keep your pool clean by preventing dirt, bugs, leaves, and other debris from falling into your pool water thus allowing you to spend less time cleaning & maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it!

• Save on Pool Chemicals
As mentioned above, the pool Cover prevents evaporation and also blocks UV rays which in turn prevents your pool chemicals from being wasted! Using a pool Cover properly will help you save up to 50% on pool Chemical & maintenance costs!

• Get Free Heating
A solar blanket helps you retain up to 8 degrees celsius of heat in your pool! Double that with the use of an energy-efficient heat pump like the ‘Madimack or Supreme Heating’ heat pumps available with us and you’ll cut your pool heating bill by an extra few dollars a month!

• Safety First
Protect your children and pets from any accidental occurrences with the protection that Pool Covers offer!


These are bubble-style covers that let the sun heat your pool water by up to 8ºC and retain heat by insulating your pool overnight. The natural heating and insulating saves you energy while also stopping evaporation. These covers are perfect to use on all pools, especially when the sun hits the cover, helping you gain maximum benefits.

The ThermoTech™ range is a high insulating cover ideal for both indoor and outdoor pools that primarily want to retain heat and reduce the energy costs of heating a pool with an external heat source, i.e. a heat pump, allowing you to save on energy costs and stop evaporation. These covers are great in cooler climates where heat loading is greater; and are generally used indoors and overnight.

How to measure for your Daisy Pool Cover

1. Measuring your pool is simply a matter of measuring the maximum water level width (W) and length (L) of the main body of water. See illustrations below
2. Using a tape measure, measure the length (L) and width (W) of your pool
3. Multiply the L x W to give the square metre figure which you’ll need to calculate the costs of your pool cover
4. Daisy will include extra material to allow for upturn and shrinkage, so the exact water level measurements are all that are required
5. If your pool has steps, measure the step area separately.
6. If you have a uniquely shaped pool, treat it as rectangular.
7. All pool covers are provided slightly ‘oversized’ to allow for trimming onsite, using your pool as a template.

Why Daisy

The original Daisy pool covers and rollers continue to be Australia’s favourite brand for all of your cover and roller needs for over 40 years. We offer Australia’s largest range of designs using only the highest quality materials, formulated to protect your pool all year round.

At Daisy, we stand behind our products and service with an impressive 10-year warranty on our 525 solar cover range, because we understand, listen and deliver customised solutions to what our customers really need.

Daisy Pool Covers have built our brand on quality and trust. We take pride in the extensive research and development that has gone into creating our award-winning, innovative UltraDome technology solar pool covers.

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