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Looking for an energy efficient Heat Pump?
Heat Pumps readily compliment your gas heater and provide a more cost-effective way to heat your pool.

We boast the environmentally friendly world-class energy-efficient heat pumps from Australia's top brands to warm up your pool so that you can enjoy a longer swim season when the weather gets colder.

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Heat Pumps are the best way to save some serious money on your utility bills whilst still heat your pool
. Today’s trending method of heating pools is the dependable ‘Pool Heat Pump’.

A heat pumps’ efficiency is dependent on the outside temperature and since pools are usually used during warm and mild weather, heat pumps are a very efficient method of heating pools. Heat pumps do not generate heat, they simply capture it and move it from one place to another.

Even though a Pool Heat Pump might cost more than a regular swimming pool heater, you will find it well worth the investment because of the long-term cost savings & mainly due to the efficiency. Watch your energy consumption go down year-after year, as these efficient Heat Pump units heat your water up and allows you to enjoy your pool throughout.

And with discounted rates and free shipping from My Online Pool Shop, you can save on high- performance pool Heat Pumps from top brands like Madimack, Astral, Zodiac and more.

Great idea! Try the Heat Pump & Gas Heater combination:

Many Australian pool owners today are seeing the benefits of having both; An energy-efficient Heat Pump along with a good old Gas Heater!

Bingo! This combination of efficiency and speed serves them well.

The Gas Heater is used to heat up the pool to the desired temperature while switching to the energy- efficient Heat Pump to maintain the temperature throughout.

The option is also available to choose whether to heat up the pool fast with the gas heater or gradually raise the temperature with a heat pump.

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