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Make manual pool cleaning a thing of the past with the right Suction Pool Cleaners. These are the most popular types of automatic pool cleaners due to their unbeatable value. Our extensive range of suction cleaners means we have a suction cleaner for every pool. 

Shop some of the most popular Suction Pool Cleaners in Australia from brands like Astralpool, Zodiac, Hayward, Pentair, and more!

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Everything you need to know about pool cleaners


Suction Pool Cleaners simply work by attaching to your skimmer or side port in the pool. The suction generated by your pool pump propels them along as they move through the water picking up dirt and debris.
Now, you can watch & benefit as your new pool suction cleaner does the job for you in no time
at all. Suction cleaners are especially popular with first-time buyers because not only are they
convenient and a time-saving option for an automatic pool cleaner, but they also sell for a
lower price point. They’re also easy to install and use – similar to all the pool cleaners we have
here with proven track records of good results.
Our Suction Pool Cleaners work in tandem with your swimming pool filter system & will deposit
detritus directly into your filter. If your water tends to pick up unusual amounts of dirt,
branches, leaves, and other debris, you may want to consider a Robotic or Pressure pool
cleaner which deposits into a separate bag or cartridge.

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