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A Cartridge Filter is a simple solution for your pool filtrations needs. Providing superior water clarity at a fraction of the cost of a sand filter, cartridge filters are very popular among Australian pool owners.

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Cartridge Pool Filters

The Cartridge Pool Filter is best suited when it comes to spas and small above ground pools, and has been a popular choice for in-ground pool owners as well. This particular cartridge is both easy to maintain and clean throughout the pool season. A cartridge filtration system works by pushing water through the filter membranes, trapping particles in the cartridge fibers, and sending clean water back out to the pool.

When the pressure gauge reads ten points above the normal reading, it is time to remove the filter and spray it with a garden hose to get rid of excess dirt. Over time the cartridge will eventually lose its filtering ability, which means that a replacement must be installed to keep the filter running smoothly. Typically, cartridges need to be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on how often you filter your pool.

Here are some helpful hints for using a cartridge pool filter:

No ‘Backwashing’ - With this type of filter, you do not need to backwash to maintain it. Although this filter requires more manual labor than most, it might prove worth it in the long run as this is the most energy efficient choice overall.

Tip- Use Clarifiers - You utilize clarifiers and sanitizers in your pool water, so why not your cartridge filters? Consider one of our Clarifiers for a sparkling clean filter in no time.

Remove Debris Regularly - In order to make your cartridge filter last with as few replacements over time as possible, you need to continuously check your pool water for additional debris, dirt, and organic remnants that could clog the filter chamber. Circulate and balance the chemicals in the water frequently to be sure bacteria and algae don’t grow and contaminate your pool water, clogging the filter and creating extra work for you.

Run Your Filter - A good rule of thumb is to run your pool filter one hour for every 10 degrees of air temperature. So, if the temperature is in the 90s, run your filter for 9 hours per day. This will keep your pool water clean and free of contaminants and algae. If you experience cloudy water or an algae bloom, you should run your filter continuously until the problem is resolved.

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