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Pool Filters play an integral part in the cleanliness and overall maintenance of your pool. My Online Pool Shop is your #1 stop for Filters, filter media, valves, and replacement cartridges. Our wide selection has a filter for every kind of pool - and budget!

We have a large range of pool filters online below including those from brands such as Poolrite, Astral, Davey and Zodiac.

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Everything you need to know about Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters and pool filter cartridges are an essential part of your pool circulatory system. When they are working optimally it is their job to catch debris and limit particles floating in the pool and assisting in crystal clear water that every pool owner desires.

Since you are looking for the perfect swimming pool filtration system, you have to consider all the different qualities your pool has: water capacity, geographic location, maintenance needs, and especially how often your swimming pool is used. Your Pool Filter should be able to handle these qualities and stand out.

Types of Pool Filters

Let’s take a look at the two most popular types of pool filters that will help you open, maintain, and clean your pool.

Sand filters & Cartridge Filters
When the pool is running every pool has a skimmer which when the pool pump is running , water and any debris is pulled into the skimmer through the piping , into the pool pump , then into the pool filter , through the sand or cartridge media and then pushed back into the pool. This is what we call a circulatory pool cycle.

“Sand Filter” Vs “Cartridge Filter”

Sand filters use sand to collect impurities from the water as small as 20-40 microns. Dirty water is pushed through the sand filter and the sand filters the debris and water impurities. Clean water then comes out of the bottom of the filter. Running the filter in reverse releases the dirty water and cleans the filter. This form of cleaning is called backwashing.

Cartridge filters have a larger filtering area than sand filters making more room for filtering. Because of the larger filtering space, they don’t clog easily requiring very low maintenance. Filter elements are used to trap water debris and impurities. Cartridge filters also run at lower pressure resulting to more flow and productivity. You will be required to clean the cartridge filter frequently to ensure efficient filtration.

Are you looking for the right pool filter to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean? With so many different types of pool filters available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming to say the least. But don’t stress; we here at My Online Pool Shop will help you decide which swimming pool filter is the right one for you. After all, a good pool filter is an essential part of a clean, healthy pool.

Choose a Filter to Match Your Pool Type and Size

The pool filter and pool pump go hand in hand to act as the filtration system in your pool, circulating and cleaning the water to keep it free of harmful bacteria and dirt. When purchasing a pool filter, make sure that the filter you choose is sized properly for your pool pump and your swimming pool. A pool pump for a large pool with a higher flow rate pumps more gallons per minute (gpm) and will function properly with a larger pool filter. Smaller pool pumps for smaller pools should be paired with smaller pool filters. A popular option for many above ground pools is to purchase a combination pump and filter that includes all of the pipes and fittings needed for installation.