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At My Online Pool Shop, we simply aim to make spa maintenance easy. Our one-stop-online shop puts everything you need to keep your spa or hot tub clean, balanced, and well maintained in one place.

From easy-to-use Spa Kits, Spa Pipe cleaners, and Spa Clarifiers to keep unwanted items out, we’ve got all the important Spa Chemicals too within your reach to help you keep your hot tub clean and safe for all to enjoy!

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Keeping your Spa/hot tub water clean is easy with My Online Pool Shop’s Spa chemicals and Spa maintenance equipment.

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What Spa Chemicals Do You Need?

While it’s recommended you change your hot tub/Spa water every three months or so, and give it a good cleaning every 3 months or so,  it’s still important to sanitize the water in between so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.

Test the Water

To keep your hot tub/Spa water clean, you first need to know what chemicals your hot tub/Spa water exactly needs; this is where a test kit comes in handy. Test strips are one of the easiest ways to test and balance your water accordingly. It’s recommended that you test your hot tub/Spa water at least once a week.


One of the most important Spa chemicals you need to use is a sanitizer. Bromine & Chlorine are two of the most popular sanitizer options available. Chlorine is cost-effective and easy to manage, but bromine tends to be gentler on the skin, lasts longer, and has a lower pH than chlorine thus making the task of keeping your spa water effectively balanced even easier.


Balancers are used to adjust the pH and the alkalinity of your Spa water. They also help prevent stains and scale build-up in your spa. MyOnline Pool Shop has Spa balancers from leading brands at very affordable rates


Spa Shocks are used simply to break down waste and contaminants that cause cloudy, foamy water and bad odors. Spa Shock should be added to the Spa/Hot tub once a week as part of your regular hot tub/spa maintenance routine, especially when the hot tub/spa has not been used for an extended period or when the free chlorine level is lower than the total chlorine level.

Algaecides/Phosphate Removers

When spas and hot tubs in outdoor environments are exposed to elements like rain, water, and other natural materials, it can cause algae and phosphates to be omnipresent in your hot tub. That’s why as part of your spa maintenance system, we recommend using an algaecide and phosphate remover to make things easier. We carry a great selection of Algaecides & Phosphate removers to suit your needs.

Whether you need a specific spa chemical or want to shop for some Spa Kits to make your hot tub/spa maintenance even easier, My Online Pool Shop has the spa chemicals you need to keep your Spa/Hot Tub water its cleanest.

Shop today & enjoy discounted rates on top-quality chemicals!

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