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DAISY SOLAR POOL COVER 525B Titanium Green $22.50 per m²

DAISY SOLAR POOL COVER 525B Titanium Green $22.50 per m²

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$22.50 per m²  

These are bubble-style covers that let the sun heat your pool water by up to 8ºC and retain heat by insulating your pool overnight. The natural heating and insulating saves you energy while also stopping evaporation. These covers are perfect to use on all pools, especially when the sun hits the cover, helping you gain maximum benefits.

Series 525 UltraDome+ Titanium Blue pool covers are the premium choice for maximum heat, retention and durability.

As with all Daisy pool covers, they feature Daisy’s trademarked UltraDome™ technology to outperform all others in terms of durability and insulation. Being modern and sophisticated, our 525TB Titanium Covers complement contemporary pool landscapes.


  • Premium & Most Popular Pool Cover
  • Titanium Green Color
  • 10 Year Pro Rata Warranty
  • 525 micron thickness
  • Retains pool heat
  • Heats your pool up to 6 degrees warmer
  • Does not include cover RE-FIT kit if needed to connect to a roller
    note - We always recommend you OVERSIZE your pool as you can cut more away, but you cannot add to the order once it is placed!  However we provide the cover over-supplied by 150mm thus it can be cut to the exact required dimensions by end user

    The Daisy 525TB Titanium Pool Cover can be easily cut out to fit any shape or sized pool. 

Benefits of a Daisy Solar Pool Cover

Daisy solar pool covers are a popular choice for pool owners because of their insulation properties which help to prevent heat from escaping and can actually raise the temperature of a pool. Daisy solar pool covers remain Australia’s favourite thanks to their innovative design which prevents up to 99% of the evaporation in your pool.

  • Save on water
    Up to 10,000L per month. Improves water retention.

  • Save on chemicals.
    Reduce salt and chemical use by up to 50%.

  • Save money.
    Higher quality. Better design. Lasts longer.

  • Stop evaporation
    Reduces evaporation by 99%.

  • Save on cleaning.
    Helps keep out dirt and leaves.

  • Save on time.
    Rolls off and on in 30 seconds.

  • Save on heat loss.
    Reduced heating costs and heat loss.

    Warms your pool by up to 8C for free.

  • Proudly Australian Made.

How to measure for your Daisy pool cover
(watch video as well)

  1. Measuring your pool is simply a matter of measuring the maximum water level width (W) and length (L) of the main body of water. See illustrations below

  2. Using a tape measure, measure the length (L) and width (W) of your pool

  3. If your pool has steps, measure the step area separately (see below)

  4. If you have a uniquely shaped pool, treat it as rectangular (see below)

  5. We provide all pool covers slightly ‘oversized’ to allow for trimming onsite, using your pool as a template.

Daisy is known in the industry as the market leader in pool blankets and provides 5 star quality products to any pool cover application. Utilising the award winning Ultradome technology Daisy Pool Covers, Blankets and Rollers are a brand and product you can blindly trust.
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