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Operating principle of a chlorinator/brominator Chemical feeding equipment allows Trichlor and Bromine tablets to be constantly added to the water, thus ensuring correct disinfection.

They work very simply. The chlorinator/brominator is filled with the tablets to be administered. The entry valve is regulated in order to achieve and maintain the desired chlorine and bromine levels in the water.

It is recommended that the feeder be opened on a weekly basis to check the quantity of tablets present and to replace them if necessary.

Automatic feeder Dossi-3 (Codes 24429 and 24430)
• Made from ABS Plastic.
• Tablet Capacity approx. 3.5 kg.
• Simple-to-use regulating valve.
• Includes a double safety closure system in the lid.
• Includes water drainage system.
• The in-line model (Cod. 24429) works according to the Venturi effect: water passes through the inside of the Feeder, allowing the chlorine and bromine tablets to dissolve.
• The off-line model (Cod. 24430) comes complete with a non-return valve, which ensures the correct flow of water, preventing a back flow in the bypass.

• Simple and safe to operate.
• Adapts to any pool or spa.
• Adjustable according to the size of pool.
• Easy in-line or by-pass installation.
• Minimal maintenance.
• Does not need electrical current.
• Made from chlorine and bromine resistant materials.
• Rust-free.

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