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MagnaPool® HYDROXINATOR® iQ (medium)

MagnaPool® HYDROXINATOR® iQ (medium)

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Hydroxinator® iQ -For MagnaPool® Mineral Pools-

Output 25gm/h

Equipped with iAquaLink control with further upgrades available for pH and ORP management, the all-new Hydroxinator® iQ from Zodiac combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design to provide the ultimate mineral pool water management solution.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

• iAquaLink enabled with built-in WiFi
• Ultra-long life RP cell
• Variable-speed pump control
• Smart temperature sensor
• Upgrades available for pH and ORP management

Long-life RP cellLong-life RP cell
These upgraded automatic cleaning cell plates have an ultra-long life, combined with smart tech in the chlorine production that will provide years of performance.

Multi-colour light controlMulti-colour light control
Control your pool light(s) directly from the chlorinator (or your smart phone with iAquaLink). This feature requires additional relay box to connect. 

Pool cover modePool cover mode
Allows you to connect an automatic pool cover that will automatically drop the output to your desired level without having to do a thing.

Product Specifications

• Operating mode(s):
Normal = adjustable by 10% increments from 0% - 100%
Low Mode = adjustable range 0 to 30%
Boost Mode = continuous 100% for 24hrs 

 Equipment control:
Filter pump: Any single speed pump or Zodiac® variable speed pump.
Lights: Any single colour light or any Zodiac/Jandy sequence Muliticolour light
(note- will require additional relay box)

 Cell protection:
Temperature sensor controls chlorine output in cold water conditions assisting to protect cell against excessive wear and tear.

• Power supply: 1
96 W / 110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz

• Dimensions:
Power pack: H-370mm x W-320mm x D-100mm
RP Cell: H-160mm x W-320mm x D-110mm

Packaging Content
• Power Pack with built in wifi
• Long Life cell
• Temp Sensor
• Owners manual
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