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AstralPool E25 SALT CHLORINATOR (with Timer)

AstralPool E25 SALT CHLORINATOR (with Timer)

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A tried and tested performer, the E-Series simplifies the operation and functionality to provide a low cost, low maintenance salt chlorinator suitable for residential pools up to 120,000L. Full reverse polarity salt chlorinator. Two timer periods. Ideal for real estate market applications and the budget conscious consumer.

• Automatically disinfects and sanitises pool and spa water
• Self Cleaning and low maintenance
• Affordable, robust and reliable

The E Series Chlorinator simplifies the operation and functionality to provide a low cost, low maintenance salt chlorinator that’s suitable for most sized residential swimming pools.

Perfect Sanitation:
 Helps reduces skin irritations, red eyes, and protects your Pool and Spa equipment

Australian Made: Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions

Smart App Control: Built in Bluetooth® control with your iOS and Android smartphone


  • Automatically disinfects and sanitises pool and spa water. The E Series Salt Chlorinator eliminates the need for manual dosing with liquid or granular chlorine on a frequent and regular basis. Salt, when added to your pool in concentrations of around 0.5%, is converted into chlorine as it passes through the electrolytic cell and kills the contaminants within the pool to prevent bacteria and algae from forming. The residual chlorine in the water provides the safest ongoing disinfection of your pool water at any time - even when an influx of swimmers jump in or the water is contaminated by other foreign objects.
  • Convenience.  Manual dosing with liquid or granular chlorine can be haphazard and requires discipline to do on a daily basis. The E Series Salt Chlorinator continually generates chlorine while the filter pump is running at the level you require. Just set and forget.
  • Simplicity. The easy to use touch pad enables complete control of your filter pump and sanitizer. Simple to use, the E Series chlorinator allows you to select two timer periods each day to operate your pump and chlorine output levels from 1 to 8.
  • Intelligent Self Cleaning and Low Maintenance.  During operation, the anode in the electrolytic cell attracts a build up of calcium and other debris which requires periodic cleaning. Most chlorinators reverse the polarity to the cell, which in turn releases the residue of calcium and debris. The intelligent E Series chlorinator analyses the output setting to optimise the polarity of the electrolytic cell. By minimizing the number of reversals ensures the cell is clean and significantly extends the life of your chlorinator.
  • Durability. The E Series incorporates many of the components of AstralPool’s premium chlorinators to ensure high levels of durability and long life in the tough Australian environment. The LCD display is specially constructed to withstand high temperature and UV radiation and all electronic components are mounted on engineered heat sinks tomaximize cooling and long life. Available in two sizes, the E 25 is suitable for pools up to 50,000 litres and the E35 is uitable for pools up to 75,000 litres.
  • Affordable, robust and reliable.

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