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Astralpool XC 200 Pool & Spa CARTRIDGE FILTER (formerly known as ZX 200)

Astralpool XC 200 Pool & Spa CARTRIDGE FILTER (formerly known as ZX 200)

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Description: The Astralpool XC 200 Cartridge Filter (formerly known as the ZX 200 Model) is a compact and unique design for any Australian swimming pool. This Cartridge Filter is ideal for all spas and swimming pools where waste water disposal or water restrictions are in force.
  • Single piece moulded body and lid
  • Patented “Cyclonic Water Filtration” technology
  • Self locking ring to prevent overtightening or accidental loosening
  • Flexible configuration with 2 inlets and 1 outlet
  • Improved flow rates and lower pressure drops through the filter system
  • Quick & Easy maintenance
  • Quality components for long life
  • No Backwash required, leading to increased water savings
  • Climate Care Certified by SPASA Australia
  • Australian designed and manufactured

    The XC cartridge filter achieves remarkable water filtration and clarity but is also environmentally friendly and responsible..

    The engineered Cyclonic action pushes the debris towards the walls of the filter and helps clear contaminants quicker, avoiding clogging of the filter element. This in-turn reduces pressure on the water pump leading to increased energy savings.

    The XC cartridge filter reduces maintenance while saving thousands of litres of water every year. It takes just 100 litres of water to clean the elements instead of backwashing thousands of litres to clean a sand filter. The XC cartridge filter thus makes it easier to be responsible with water.


    Quick and Simple Cartridge Filter Installation Guide

    Replacing your cartridge filter is quite simple and straightforward so you can be up and running in no time at all! 

    • Turn off your pump and close off any valves that lead to your current cartridge filter.
    •  Unscrew your existing cartridge filter and remove from your system. 
    • If you don’t have unions installed in your current setup, it’s a good idea to have some installed while you’re replacing your current filter. 
    • Screw in your new cartridge filter, open up all the valves and the air bleed valve on your cartridge filter. 
    • Turn on your pump. 
    • Once water starts to come out of the air bleed valve, close it up.
    • Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your new cartridge filter!
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