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Description: Durable & Compact Cartridge Pool Filter

Zodiac’s CS Series filter utilises single element cartridges designed to provide optimum filtration. Compact in design and extremely versatile Zodiac’s CS cartridge filters are the perfect pool filtration solution providing you with clean & clear water everyday!

Designed for Jandy Versa Plum System

Key Product Features & Benefits:

• Compact in design & extremely versatile
• No need to backwash
• User-friendly
• Cartridge elements are removable
• Durable engineering


  • Corrosion and UV resistant Thermoplastic tank body.
  • Ergonomic handles for simple lid removal.
  • Single element cartridge made of Rema material.
  • Universal unions 51mmx56mm.
  • Easy to read pressure gauge with clean/dirty snap ring.
  • Ergonomic Locking ring for easy service.
  • Designed for Jandy Versa Plum System.
  • Strong easy mount base to the equipment pad.


  • Superior filtration.
  • Durable and compact.
  • Water efficient.
  • Ergonomic design.

    Superior Filtration

    Zodiac’s CS Series cartridge filter element is made of the finest Remay materials that are internationally recognized for its superior filtration and long life. When water passes through the element the unique design of the fibres traps the smallest debris. The CS cartridge will filter a finer dirt particle (between 10 to 20 micron) than a sand filter (between 25-40 micron) providing you cleaner, more sparkling pool water.

    Water Efficient

    Unlike your standard sand filter a Zodiac CS cartridge filter does not require backwashing. Each time you backwash a sand filter you use on average 750 litres of water. This equates to thousands of litres of water each year! With the CS cartridge filter you simply remove the cartridge element, hose it down and place it back in the body.

    Ergonomic Design

    The Zodiac CS Series cartridge filter has been designed with the consumer in mind. Removing the lid is easy with the ergonomic easy grip handles. Extra large drain ports (50mm), an easy to read pressure gauge with clean/dirty indicator and the ergonomic locking rings makes servicing and filter cleaning a breeze. The cartridge elements have also been engineered to be removed easily so there is no hassle when it comes time for cleaning and maintenance

    Durable & Compact

    The Zodiac CS Series cartridge filters are constructed of high impact, corrosion and UV resistant thermoplastic that can weather even the harshest operating conditions. The body design of the CS cartridge filter is only 375mm in width which allows it to be installed in small areas without difficulty. The strong base allows it to be easily mounted to an equipment pad for easy storage and installation.
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