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Robo-Plus V2 Robotic Pool Cleaner | ON SALE NOW |

Robo-Plus V2 Robotic Pool Cleaner | ON SALE NOW |

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Robo-Tek Robo-Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner V2
The All New Design | Award Winning Residential Pool Cleaner

The Robo-Plus V2 will handle any residential pool (excluding vinyl under .75mm thick).

  • Suitable for most shapes of in-ground pools up to 10m x 5m
  • 0.5, 1, and 2 hour cleaning cycles
  • Includes Remote Control & Caddy Trolly
  • 2 x 4lt filter bags included , 20 & 70 micron
  • 15m Cable

Product Description:

The ROBO-PLUS V2 robotic pool cleaner is designed to enhance your pool cleaning experience as they are equipped to handle large leaves as well as super fine dust, making them the most sought-after cleaner on the market. 

Boasting Twin High Torque Drive Motors, it will efficiently clean all shape pools and climb walls during the cleaning process.

We have included the essential accessories:
i) Caddy (for easy storage and maneuverability to and from the pool)
ii) Remote Control (so you can drive or navigate it to any specific spot)

New Features:

  • Sleek new design - Modern & Streamlined
  • Commercial grade drive belts - Stronger with longer lasting 
  • Quick-release sponge wheels - Convenient when changing sponge wheels
  • Recessed impeller cover - Provides protection of the impeller cover which is critical for the robot to execute its cleaning pattern effectively
  • Small weight savings - helps with the robot's cleaning efficiency and speed (similar to a race car)
  • Smart control box - Monitors total usage and duly alerts user to service the robot at 500hr intervals
  • Redesigned base plate - Wider opening to capture bigger debris too

Key Features:

  • Remote Control
  • Caddy for easy transportation
  • Large Leaf Intake
  • Water Line Cleaning
  • Wall Climbing Guarantee
  • Quick Floor Cleaning Option
  • Twin Drive Motors


  • Travelling at 15m per minute, you get quick and thorough cleaning of your pool surfaces

  • Suction at 290 Litres a minute draws in large leaves through two massive intakes.

  • Capacity for 4 litres leaf and debris.

  • 70 & 20 Micron filter bags capture super fine dust particles.  

  • 15m Floating cable makes it suitable for very large residential pools.

  • Twin Drive motors means it will handle any shape pool! 

  • Smart programming removes the need for swivels in the cable

  • 3 year warranty on the Motor Box! 

    Robo Plus Dimensions:
    Length 452 / Width 490 / Height 264

    White Body with Light Blue side covers and handle

    Technical Specifications:

    • Cycle Time: 0.5/1/2 Hours
      Cable: 15 metres
      Filtration: 3 Filter Grades available
      Brushes: 4 x Sponge Wheels
      Filtration Rate: 290 Litres/minute
      Rated Power: 200 watts
      Dry Weight 12.5kg.

    If you are spending more time cleaning your pool than enjoying it, you need the ROBO-PLUS V2 robotic pool cleaner for your pool. It’s smart, it’s powerful, it looks great, but best of all, it really works!

    Usage Instructions:
    All you have to do is place the robot in the pool, turn it on and it will clean the floor and walls automatically. The self-contained filter bag means there is no need to clean ( backwash)  your sand filter after vacuuming is complete. Simply rinse the internal filter bag and you are ready for the next clean. 


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