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Dirt can’t escape the jaws of the ‘Lil Shark aboveground ™ pool cleaner. This hungry guy will take over maintenance chores, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool. The ‘Lil Shark will be on the prowl searching out large and small debris. Unlike other cleaners, this guy scrubs and vacuums. The unique vortex chamber design has only one moving part, ensuring superior performance and years of reliable service.

 'Lil Shark comes fully equipped - simply remove it from the box, attach the hose, place in the water and off it goes.

  • Dual band of bristles scrub debris loose, while powerful vacuum action whisks it away
  • Programmed cleaning provides more complete coverage without the missed spots other cleaners often leave behind
  • Cuts a wide 10" path for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Engineered for high performance cleaning with low cost of ownership
  • Five adjustable cleaning paths for complete coverage of any size or shape aboveground pool.
  • Vortex chamber features single moving part, a design built for years of dependable service.
  • No assembly required, just hook to hose and go.


 Outperforms other cleaners
 The ‘lil shark pool cleaner has a unique brush ring adjuster that lets you control the shape of the cleaning path and easily modified to ensure full coverage of your pool. With five different positions allow you to create patterns from tight to large circles.
 Double coverage
 With two rings of powerful nylon spines the Onga ‘lil shark scrubs away the difficult dirt that other cleaners barely touch.
 Made to last
 With only a single moving part, the robust design ensures that the ‘Lil Shark will last a long time.
 Easy to use
 Attach the hose and place in your pool and you are ready to clean, no installation necessary. Also includes the exclusive UniDapt™ telepole adapter for spot clean-ups.
 Ready for action
 The ‘Lil Shark comes fully equipped for immediate use. Also includes the exclusive UniDapt™ telepole adapter for spot clean-ups.

Let the Onga ‘Lil Shark pool cleaner get its jaws around the dirt and debris in your pool. An aboveground pool cleaner; the Onga ‘Lil Shark, unlike most other cleaners, scrubs and vacuums taking over the hard work of cleaning your pool leaving you more time to relax.

The secret to the huge cleaning power of the ‘Lil Shark pool cleaner is its unique vortex chamber. It only has one moving part and a dual band of bristles that scrubs hard to remove dirt while the vacuum carries it away.

Get started in moments with Onga ‘Lil Shark. No assembly is needed just hook up the hose and you are ready to begin cleaning with one of the five adjustable cleaning paths. 

Easily cover any shape or size of aboveground pool with the wide 25.4cm path that also reduces cleaning time.

The Onga ‘Lil Shark pool cleaner is tough with its two way cleaning action that cuts through all types of dirt.

If you are looking for an aboveground pool cleaner that can shift a heavy workload, buy the Onga ‘lil shark pool cleaner. At My Online Pool Shop we can offer the best price for this tough machine that is flexible and needs no installation.

Say goodbye to hours spent cleaning, use a ‘lil shark to keep your pool sparkling and reclaim your spare time. Great results at an affordable price.

Easy to install and to use, access the best price and buy from us at My Online Pool Shop, the top-quality supplier of pool items in Australia. 

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