Davey Monarch EcoPure® DEP2140 Fiberglass Sand Filter (21inch/40mm)

Davey Monarch EcoPure® DEP2140 Fiberglass Sand Filter (21inch/40mm)

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Davey Monarch EcoPure®Fiberglass Media Filter / Sand Filter is a cost-effective answer to automatic pool sanitising, for safe and sparkling clean pool water. They have a 6 way top mounted MPV on the tanks along with a pressure gauge, sight glass and unions and inner tank design

Virtually maintenance free, the EcoPure Media Filter range is:

  • Cost effective, less frequent backwashing required
  • Built-in waste port sight glass for high visibility during backwashing
  • Durable construction from strong corrosion and UV resistant bobbin wound fibre glass, providing a long and reliable working life
  • Stainless steel, oil filled pressure gauge that lets you see when you need to backwash
  • Large capacity for media that decreases the frequency of backwashing and reduces your water usage
  • An automatic air bleed that prevents any accumulation of air and making sure that the filtration is optimal
  • Installation is easy with the A.B.S. barrel unions
  • High rate design for maximum efficiency
  • Suitable for sand, glass/silica or zelbrite media, and salt, mineral salt or fresh water pools, in-ground and above ground pools, plunge pools, and swim spas.

    If you are looking for your first sand filter or replacing and old one, Davey Monarch Ecopure Sand Filters are workhorses that provide high quality performance for many years. 

    10 Year Tank Warranty with 3 Year Warranty on a multiport valve

    Note: Sand is not included.

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