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Astralpool HX 120 LPG HEATER

Astralpool HX 120 LPG HEATER

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This LPG Pool & Spa Gas Heater incorporates a cupro nickel (copper-nickel) heat exchanger, an IV LCD digital thermostat, thermoplastic inlet/outlet headers, external gas connection, 45 degree high limit protection, electronic ignition system, powder coated enamel inside and out. Also comes with a powder coated flue terminal.


  • Electronic Touch Controls
  • Compact Design
  • Heat on Demand
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia
Once pools were considered a way to cool down in summer and spas were a luxury item. The pools were great fun but only used for a few months of the year while spas were considered costly to run. Today more and more pools and spas are fully heated using low cost gas heating, extending their usage period and providing you a greater return on your investment. A hot relaxing spa is a delight for the entire family, and is also perfect for entertaining - even at short notice. With an appropriately sized Astral Pool HX Gas Heater, your spa can be heated in as little as 1 hour and your pool in under 24 hours* making the HX series gas heater a great choice at an affordable price.

Gas heating is the fastest and most economical way to heat your spa. The HX70 or HX120 provide a low cost solution to the task of spa and pool heating along with a range of impressive features. Two models available to ensure faster heating at the lowest possible cost. Use the charts opposite to determine the model which best suits you pool or spa.

The copper-nickel finned tube heat exchanger accepts high flow rates improving heater efficiency while also preventing scale formation in the waterways. This results in the heater needing less maintenance and up to 83% efficiency minimising the impact on your gas bills when heating a 1600L spa.

The heart of any gas pool or spa heater is its heat exchanger. Its task is to efficiently transfer the heat generated by burning gas to the pool or spa water. This is achieved by passing that water through the tubes of our highly efficient copper-nickel heat exchanger. On the outside, these tubes are covered in ultra thin fins which absorb the heat produced by the burners below and transfer it to the water flowing inside each tube.

The Genus touch control thermostat provides a host of intelligent features including:
• Optional Remote control from either poolside or in home
• Actual Temperature Display
• Desired Temperature Display
• Self-diagnostic monitoring display to simplify maintenance and service
• Safety lock-out in the event of logic failure
• Electronic ignition eliminates the need for a continuous pilot light, and saves on gas

Designed and built in Australia. HX heaters incorporate a marine grade powder coated external cabinet which will ensure that it will perform efficiently and last longer in all weather condition

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