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Zodiac Z400 IQ HEAT PUMP

Zodiac Z400 IQ HEAT PUMP

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Description: Suitable for use in all seasons, from intensive defrosting to cooling the pool, the Z400 iQ Heat Pump is our mid-sized residential pool heater.

Packed with features and built to last, you can count on the Z400 iQ to fulfill your heating needs for years to come. And, factory-fitted with our iAquaLink WiFi technology, you can take control with your smartphone!

(Aluminium Grey Color)

Key Product Features & Benefits:

• All-seasons reverse-cycle heating solution
• Energy efficient to help cut down on power consumption
• Not reliant on the sun or collectors to heat at full strength
• Titanium condenser
• Robust and effective; made for Aussie conditions
• New sleek, modern style
• Includes 2 x 3-Way (40mm) Jandy Valves. + Plumbing Instructions for Heat Pump Manifold Bypass.

Product Specifications (Air = 28 Degrees C)
• Recommended Max Pool Volume: 30-50/40-75/50-80 with pool cover
• Hydraulic Connect: PVC half unions Ø40, to be glued
• Electric power supply: 230V/1/50Hz
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,030 x 479 x 880 mm/ 1,030 x 479 x 880 mm/ 1,030 x 479 x 1,027 mm
• Sound pressure at 10 m (dB(A)) (Boost/Silent Mode): 36/33 37/35 38/35
• Power returned (kW): 9.5/13.6/17
• Consumed power (kW): 1.6/2.5/3.2
• Average COP (Coefficient Of Performance): 5.8/5.5/5.4

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