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SKIMMER | Extended Throat | For Fibreglass Pools

SKIMMER | Extended Throat | For Fibreglass Pools

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Zodiac’s range of Skimmer Boxes allow for any and all applications for concrete, fibreglass, tiled and vinyl lined pools. With unique and patented designs, Zodiac have a skimmer to suit your pool needs - regardless of your pool shape and will even suit custom or architectural designs.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

• Extra Large 4.3L Robust Leaf Basket: Collects more than double the volume of leaves compared with most competitors’ baskets

• Low Profile Vacuum Plate: Provides deep connection for vacuum hose eliminating air vortexing

• Easy to Use: Basket and Vacuum Plate Lock down facility prevents basket and vacuum plate floating when pump is not running

• Large Vacuum Plate Handles: Facilitates easy removal

• Economical Automatic Cleaner Control Valve: To suit most suction type cleaners and provides skimming action – optional (an efficient, simple to regulate vacuum plate control valve that saves money)

• Flow through weir with cushioned integral stops: Reduces noisy weir hammer resulting from wave action

• Curved Weir Door Top: Reduces wear on vacuum hoses

• Fibreglass and Vinyl Liner Telescopic Escutcheon Plate: With full Cover-Fascia over Mounting Screws (provides an attractive fascia for for the skimmer opening, no unsightly screws or plugs)

Packaging Content

• Skimmer + Dress Ring Excluding Main Drain With Hydrostatic Valve (W1503) & Main Drain Stem (W1502)
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