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Robo-Max 40

Robo-Max 40

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Robo-Max 40, Large Commercial Cleaner - Outstanding Value for money

The Robo-Max models are suitable for pools up to 50m.

Great purchase price, DIY serviceable parts, Brilliant after sales service.

A large commercial pool cleaner, currently working in many public pools, olympic pools, and commercial theme parks. 

Key Features

  • Remote Control
  • Caddy for easy transportation
  • Large Leaf Intake
  • Water Line Cleaning
  • Wall Climbing Guarantee
  • Quick Floor Cleaning Option
  • Twin Drive Motors



    • Extra Large Sponge Wheels 

    • Stainless Steel Bearings throughout.

    • Twin Pump motors pushing through over 600 litres p/m

    • Fine and Extra Fine Filters down to 20 Micron

    • Over sized intakes for large leaf litter

    • Capacity for up to 8 litres of leaf and debris

    • Variable length cable, up to 40 Meters

    • Smart programming eliminates the need for cable swivels

    • Floating Grab Handle to assist lifting

    • Optional mobile lifting device to reduce OH&S risks

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