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The all-in-one Automatic Pool Cleaner

The European made MakoShark is new and improved version of Hammer Head pool cleaner. Coming fully assembled is set for ultimate carefree operation. Just add the seal, connect the hoses and you are on cruise in matter of moments.

The MakoShark™ pool cleaner shares many of the design features of the most popular automatic suction side vacuum in history.

Then we added performance features to make MakoShark relentless in its pursuit of dirt and debris, while keeping it affordable and sensationally dependable.

MakoShark features a new, patented silent flapper design. This sole operational moving part creates the kinetic energy that powers MakoShark around your pool. Elegantly simple and highly reliable, this dependable design has been proven in more than 2 million pools worldwide.


  • No bags or compartments to empty or replace, dirt and debris go right to your filtration equipment, where they belong.
  • No wheels or gears to jam or diaphragms to replace
  • No expensive booster pump to buy and uses your pool’s existing filtration system.
  • Only one operational moving part.
  • All parts are UV stable and chemical resistant for years of dependable service.
  • Sleek, compact design increases maneuverability for best cleaning performance.
  • Flapper – the only moving part in MakoShark’s simple and dependable propulsion system.
  • Head Office
  • Backed by the largest pool equipment company in the world. Pentair AU/NZ: 1-21 Monash Drive,
  • 3 year limited warranty.Terms and conditions apply.


    • High Performance: Its sleek and compact design lets it travel around the pool in a fast and efficient manner, cleaning all areas including floor, walls, steps and sides.
    • Sensationally Dependable: Proven on more than 2 million pools worldwide, with only one moving part and an elegant minimalist design comprised of just 8 parts.
    • Easy to Setup: Comes almost fully assembled out of the box. Just add the seal, and plug the hoses and it is ready to go.
    • 3 Years Warranty: Backed by the largest pool equipment company in the world.
    • Suitable for all Pool Surfaces

    Whats in the box?

    • 1 x External Body
    • 1 x Suction Seal
    • 1 x Swivel & Nut Assembly
    • 1 x Threaded Adapter
    • 1 x Skimmer Adapter Cuff
    • 1 x Adjustable Regulator Valve
    • 1 x 90 Degree Elbow
    • 1 x Flow Gauge
    • 2 x Hose Weight
    • 10 x Hose 1m Sections
    • 1 x Installation Instructions
    • 1 x Warranty Card

      Note: Video features USA model.
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