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Madimack InverELITE V4 Pool Heat Pump (17kW)

Madimack InverELITE V4 Pool Heat Pump (17kW)

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The InverELITE V4 from Madimack has been engineered to be the ultimate pool heat pump, setting new standards in efficiency and performance. With a COP rating of 22, it achieves exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring more heat is produced for every unit of power consumed. This means lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

The unit features advanced design elements such as triple-layered sound insulation for whisper-quiet operation, a commercial-grade centrifugal fan for enhanced airflow, and a revolutionary 3-Directional airflow system. It also includes a premium twin rotary compressor and three internal reflectors, which work together to deliver unparalleled heating performance.

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency, quietness, and performance with the Madimack InverELITE V4—the world's most advanced pool heat pump.


  • Revolutionary 3-Directional Airflow: 3D triple-directional airflow minimises installation requirements and enhances efficiency
  • Triple Layered Sound Insulation: 30% reduction in operation noise achieving a world breaking decibel rating for heat pump technology
  • Commercial Grade Centrifugal Fan: The compressor fan is designed with angular blades to capture surplus surrounding air and boost overall efficiency
  • Twin Rotary Compressor: InverELITE V4 delivers the fastest heat-up times to pool owners, getting your pool ready quicker than ever
  • The Most Advanced Heat Pump: Meticulously designed heat pump achieving a groundbreaking COP of 22, maximising your comfort while minimising your energy use
  • Plug & Play: Plug & Play installation simplicity for 10kW, 12kW and 14kW
  • Inbuilt Wifi with smart functions

    Unit Specifications

    • Heating capacity (at 28°C): 17kW
    • Heating capacity (at 15°C): 11.5kW
    • Electrical Connection: hardwired
    • Dimensions: 1036 x 494 x 655

    Heat Exchanger - 25 years
    Compressor - 15 years
    Parts - 7 years

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