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Lo Chlor

Lo-Chlor Solar Shield 1L

Lo-Chlor Solar Shield 1L

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LoChlor Solar Shield adds an ultra-thin, invisible barrier to your pool which helps protect from evaporation and heat loss.

A 1-liter bottle of LoChlor Solar Shield treats a 50,000-liter pool for four months, making it a cost-efficient option for protecting your pool.


  • Lo-Chlor Solar Shield prevents heat loss and stops pool water from evaporating.
  • Adds a clear, ultra-thin layer that shields your pool from evaporation and heat loss.
  • A safe choice for families with children and pets, offering an alternative to traditional covers.
  • Apply once a month for continuous 30-day protection, saving time and money compared to daily applications.
  • Each application provides up to one month of coverage, ensuring economical and effective use.
  • Proven to be 20% more effective than similar liquid covers on the market.
  • Formulated with safety in mind, it is non-flammable for added peace of mind.
  • Works seamlessly with automatic pool cleaners without compromising efficiency.
  • Suitable for all types of pool finishes, ensuring versatility.
  • Works well with all recognized sanitizers and other pool maintenance products.
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