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Life Spa & Hot Tub Maintenance Kit

Life Spa & Hot Tub Maintenance Kit

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The Life Spa & Hot Tub Maintenance Kit is the Ultimate spa & hot tub cleaning and maintenance accessory pack.


  • Spa-Vac Underwater Vacuum and Venturi Pump
  • Spa Scoop
  • Spa Brush
  • Scum Absorbing Disc
  • Telescopic Accessory

    Key Features:

    • Underwater vacuum
    • Venturi pump attachment for emptying
    • Filter sock to collect debris
    • Filter sock retaining clip
    • Garden hose connection
    • 2.5m drainage hose for emptying
    • 1.2m telescopic pole/handle
    • Part number seven (7) is USA only
    • Spa scoop
    • Spa brush
    • Cleaning mitt
    • Scum absorbing spa disk
    • Cover wipes
    • Great Hand held Pool or Spa Cleaner
    • Quickly cleans debris and drains spa’s quickly
    • Empties virtually all water out from pools, spas, fountains, ponds etc.
    • Ideal for small above ground pools
    • No pump and filter system needed
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