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Zodiac DUO-X DX4050

Zodiac DUO-X DX4050

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With new patented Helix shaped brush and compact body, the new Duo-XTM offers integrated agility. Featuring dual stage filtration (150μ/60μ) that is capable of picking up small and large debris, the Duo-XTM is designed to run in all types of pools. With the patented Lift System™ and unique design, the Duo-XTM is capable of expelling water very quickly making it very easy to operate and remove from the water. Duo-XTM has superior wall detection without the need for tilting making it very efficient in covering the pool. 

  • For in-ground pools, all surfaces and shapes
  • 3 motors for improved performance
  • Supplied with 15m cable with Swivel
  • Suitable for pools up to 10M x 5M 
  • 150 micron and 60micron canister included
  • Includes Caddy


With its embedded smart sensors and its unique design, Duo-X™ DX4050 iQ offers excellent coverage of the pool and limitless agility. It is, therefore, ideal for all pool shapes and linings.


Capture large and small debris with great efficiency. The dual filters ensure all debris is picked up no matter how large or how small, keeping your pool clean. The 150μ filter can also be used on its own.


Duo-X™ features patented cyclonic suction that is powerful and long-lasting. Debris is kept in suspension to avoid filter clogging and to maintain the same level of cleaning performance throughout the cycle.


The Duo-X™ robotic cleaner positions itself on the chosen wall and climbs right up to the water line. Once the robot is removed from the water, it expels water very quickly making is lightweight and effortless. This means that you can remove the robot from the water with 15% less effort.


Reduce the chances of cable tangling. Automatic swivel system prevents cable tangling during cleaner operation in the pool. The cleaner efficiency is optimized and the cable storage is easier. All Duo-X™ robotic pool cleaners are equipped with a swivel.


    • Cleans floor and walls
    • 4L Filter canister capacity
    • Picks up larger debris like gum nuts, small twigs and eucalyptus leaves
    • Picks up smaller debris such as algae or sand

    Robotic Pool Cleaner Installation and Usage Guide:

    • Take the unit out from its box or carrying caddy.
    • Position the control unit near the power outlet and at least 5 feet away from the edge of the pool. 
    • Securely attach the floating cable to the control box and then plug the box into a GFCI approved outlet. 
    • Submerge the cleaner vertically into the water and move it around to release all of the trapped air.
    • Once the bubbles stop, allow the robotic pool cleaner to drop to the bottom of the pool. 
    • Spread the floating cable all over the pool, making sure that it's free of any tangles, coils, or kinks. 
    • Turn on the cleaner via the control box and apply any personalised settings (if any are required)
    • Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold drink or coffee while the robotic pool cleaner is doing its job.
    • Once the cleaning cycle is complete, drain the robotic cleaner of any water, empty out and rinse the built-in filter canister, hose down the cleaner and store the cleaner away from direct sunlight. 

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