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Convenient and easy to use Mobile Pool Roller 
125mm Roller range for longer wider pools

This 5 star fully mobile pool roller is ideal for longer wider pools up to:

  • 4.3m wide to 20m long, 6.1m wide to 18m long;
  • or 6.7m wide to 18m long.
  • Color = White
  • Each pool roller comes with a free over-cover to protect the Daisy pool cover from UV rays as well as a refit kit.

Daisy mobile pool rollers are a convenient and cost-effective solution for covering your pool!

Our mobile pool rollers are made from quality, lightweight materials like powder coated aluminium and stainless steel so that they’re easy and convenient to move around, but still capable of withstanding the Australian sun and harsh chemicals around your pool area.

Each mobile pool roller or reel comes with a free over-cover to protect it from UV rays, as well as a refit kit.

Reduce your pool running costs, minimise cleaning time and prolong the life of your pool cover by shopping our range of mobile pool rollers and reels today!

It only takes 30 seconds to roll your Daisy Pool Cover back on to this sleek, easy to use Daisy Roller.

Daisy is known in the industry as the market leader in pool blankets and provides 5 star quality products to any pool cover application. Utilising the award winning Ultradome technology Daisy Pool Covers, Blankets and Rollers are a brand and product you can simply trust!

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