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Baker Hydro

Baker Hydro HM72/75 Replacement Filter CARTRIDGE (Generic Element)

Baker Hydro HM72/75 Replacement Filter CARTRIDGE (Generic Element)

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Product Description:

The Baker Hydro HM72 Pool Filter Cartridge - Generic Replacement Element is a premium high performance aftermarket element, identical in quality to the original element at a fraction of the price. A perfect swap for your cloudy pool!

Generic Pool Filter Cartridges utilise revolutionary filtration material that are designed to be strong, robust and return to a high state of original performance after cleaning, meaning greater usability and longer cleaning cycles.

Generic replacement cartridge filters come with a solid 12 month warranty! 

Dimensions of Filter:

  • Length: 742mm
  • Diameter: 173mm
  • Hole: 44mm
  • End Style TOP: Moulded Knob Handle
  • End Style BOTTOM: Spigot / Moulded Cone


    1. Revolutionary Quality – All Generic Filters are manufactured from premium quality filtration material and molded end caps to ensure long life.
    2. Filtration Performance – The premium filtration material is strong, robust and ensures longer filter cycles with reduced maintenance.
    3. Reinforced Core - Generic cores are reinforced with advanced design supports to ensure they do not collapse or implode.
    4. Chemical Resistant - The entire filter is manufactured from material that is heavy duty and resistant to chemicals, durable and strong enough to perform, clean after clean.


      • Why buy from us? – My Online Pool Shop is one of Australia’s largest retailer of aftermarket filter elements with many happy customers!
      • Warranty - All filters come with a 12 month warranty and backed by a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. We love them too!
      • Low Maintenance – Strong pleats and supporting bands around each filter increase longevity and reduce maintenance! Makes life so much easier!

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