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Aussie Gold

Aussie Gold Leaf Scoop - Moulded

Aussie Gold Leaf Scoop - Moulded

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Leaf Scoop – Moulded: Polyester net plus magnet moulded in frame

Suitable for all swimming pool surfaces

The Aussie Gold Leaf Scoop features a tapered edge for trapping all the rubbish and debris from your pools surface and floor.  The leaf scoop has a heavy duty frame with replacable handle and net.  It’s univeral handle fits all telescopic poles.

  • Easy to use
  • Removes surface debris
  • Suits all telescopic poles
  • Heavy-duty PVC frame with polyester net
  • Replaceable handle and net
  • Heavy Duty frame
  • UV Stabilized material

Available currently:  Leaf Scoop Deluxe CSK555-A 

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