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Aussie Gold

Aussie Gold All Purpose Pool Broom (45cm crimped nylon bristles)

Aussie Gold All Purpose Pool Broom (45cm crimped nylon bristles)

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This pool broom head fits all standard telescopic poles and has 45cm crimped nylon bristles to suit all surfaces. The Aussie Gold Pool Broom is designed for the harsh Australian conditions. This manual vacuum head is the choice of professional pool cleaners and comes with a high quality 45cm long pool wall brush with tightly packed nylon bristles and strong UV resistant plastics. Swept at the edges to give your pool wall corners the brush they need. Brushing your pool walls is a very important part of pool maintenance and removes any clinging algae spores before they have a chance to develop.  

  • Heavy duty crimped nylon bristles. 
  • UV resistant plastic back.
  • Fits all telescopic swimming pool poles.
  • 45cm long to clean your pool walls and floor.
  • 2 - Year Manufacturers Warranty
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