ABGAL OASIS KOOLCOVER (500 Micron) $22.38 per square meter

ABGAL OASIS KOOLCOVER (500 Micron) $22.38 per square meter

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$22.38 per square meter

Oasis Koolcover (500 micron) looks like a solar blanket, but will not heat the water.

Ideal for hot climates or heated pools, it prevents the sun's rays from penetrating and heating the water, helping to maintain existing water temperature. It will also stop up to 99.84% of evaporation, and comes with an 8 year pro-rata warranty.

A premium quality, heavy-duty pool cover that prevents up to 99.84% of water evaporation and reduces the consumption of chemicals by half - delivering sizeable savings.

Since it prevents leaves and debris from reaching the pool surface and makes the job of maintaining the pool easier and less time-consuming.

  • Easier to handle: Made using the SmartBubble™ profile, which is 20% flatter and make the cover more compact.

  • Save water: Prevents water evaporation for up to 95.

  • Save on chemicals: Reduces the consumption of chemicals by half.

  • Warms up the pool: Heats up the water by 8ºC in average, letting you enjoy the pool for longer.

  • A cleaner pool: Prevents leaves and debris from reaching the pool surface.

  • Protects your equipment: As debris is prevented from reaching the pool, the stress on your filter and cleaning equipment is reduced giving it a longer life.

  • Easy to clean: Dirt and debris will just blow away or gather in one area to be easily scooped up and removed.

  • Suits all pools: Designed for saltwater, mineral and chlorine pools.

  • Durable: UV resistant, Time-tested heavy-duty construction, and treated to resist mould and bacteria

  • Recyclable: Made from category 4 LDPE materials, allowing you to safely dispose of the offcuts.

  • Australian made: Enjoy a durable, quality product and support our economy and jobs.

  • 8 Years pro-rata Warranty

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