ABGAL OASIS 550 MICRON POOL COVER (Silverback) $22.38 per square meter

ABGAL OASIS 550 MICRON POOL COVER (Silverback) $22.38 per square meter

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$22.38 per square meter

Oasis Silverback (550 micron) is suitable for all pools - indoors, outdoors, commercial and residential!

It's translucent blue top attracts the sun’s rays, while a silver backing helps to hold the heat into the water. Like all our solar covers, it has been independently tested and proven able to prevent up to 99.84% of evaporation and comes with a 10 year pro-rata warranty.
A heavy duty Solar cover with a premium silver backing for extra heat retention.

The bubbles help keep heat inside the hot tub while simultaneously allowing heat from the sun to enter. The sun's heat then increases the hot tub water's temperature, thus reducing the amount of electricity needed to keep it warm. The solar spa blanket is lightweight and easy to clean. It also can withstand exposure to hot tub chemicals.

Features and Benefits:
  • Easy to install - simply trim to shape
  • Lightweight
  • UV resistant
  • Limits evaporation
  • More effective when used underneath a hardcover
  • Second cover adds extra insulation
  • Reduces heating costs by using solar energy
  • Reduces power and chlorine consumption
  • Protects from your hardcover from the heat and chemical contact from the water
Please note: Due to high temperatures and chemical levels, normal solar cover warranty periods do not apply when used in a spa
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